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Congratulations to Christian Lewis. Christian is a 12yr old sixth grade student who attends Carter G. Woodson Academy in Lexington, Kentucky. He finished the year with a 3.8 GPA. He is a member of the Junior Beta Club. He is a member of the BMW Program at Bracktown Baptist Church. He has no lower than distinguished scores throughout his testing career. He earned 6th Grader of the Year at the Carter G. Woodson Academy. We at UeducateU would like to congratulate Christian for all his success! If you would like to nominate a successful student for the super star spotlight, please email us at:


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We are working hard to educate as many children and citizens as possible to help people develop stable incomes, which make for better communities, healthier people and an overall higher quality of life. In order to achieve these objectives we need you. We want your support and it is vital.

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Education Corner

At a minimum, students and their families should begin to strategize their first round of standardized testing at some point before the end of their freshman year of high school.
UeducateU Research Team